Wonder Woman: The War Years 1941-1945

Wonder Woman: The War Years 1941-1945

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  • Publisher : Chartwell Books; Illustrated edition (November 2, 2015)
  • Language : English
  • Hardcover : 304 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 078583284X
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0785832843
  • Dimensions : 8.75 x 1.13 x 11.38 inches
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Travel to the World War II front lines with Wonder Woman at your side.  With over 35 classic comics from her first 5 years in circulation, Wonder Woman the War Years tells her origin story in the original art. 

Warrior princess, leader of the Amazons, and a primary member of “The Big Three” and The Justice League.  Wonder Woman is among the most famous heroes of all time. From her introduction in 1941, she has been a shining example of feminism and the strength not just to women across the globe, but to all mankind.

Despite the fact that she’s famous now, she had humble beginnings among a slew of other female super heroes that had their inception in the 1940s, but were seen very little after then.  Created during World War II to foil Axis plots and defeat Nazis, Wonder Woman still fights to this day for truth, honor, and the little guy.  Wonder Woman: The War Years (1941-1945) details how she used her super speed, strength, and Golden Lasso of Truth during World War II to bring peace and justice to a turbulent world.
These original stories show Wonder Woman at her best and allow the reader to relive the Golden Age of Comics.  Follow her pilot plots such as the following:

  • The first appearance of Doctor Poison
  • The Justice Society and the war with Japan
  • The men behind Wonder Woman
  • The Secret of Baroness Von Gunther
  • Wanted by Hitler dead or alive
  • The Battle for Womanhood
  • The March of the Dimes
  • The Invasion of Paradise Island
  • Wonder Woman for President
  • Wonder Woman advocating for waste paper recycling

Brush up on the history of the world’s favorite heroine, Wonder Woman, with Wonder Woman the War Years.  Part of The DC Comics War Years trilogy that celebrates the Golden Age of heroes.

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